P.O. BOX 130 426 N. 2300 W. TREMONTON, UTAH 84337 435-257-5262

Helo-Wood is based in northern Utah and provides helicopter services to Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Montana and Nevada.

Founded in 1968, Helo-Wood is the oldest continually operating helicopter service in Utah.  We will be celebrating our 40th year of service in 2008.

Helo-Wood initially served the farmers in northern Utah with their agricultural spraying needs.  We quickly branched out into working with government wildlife and agricultural agencies, film companies, cattle ranchers and aerial photography.

Brent Wood, company president, is the principal pilot of Helo-Wood and has logged over 22,000 hours of commercial flight time experience.  

The initial location of Helo-Wood was at the Tremonton, Utah airport.  In 1978, Helo-Wood built their present hanger at 426 North 3200 West in Tremonton.

Contact information:

Helo-Wood Helicopters, Inc.
P.O. Box 130
426 North 2300 West
Tremonton, Utah 84337-0130
Business Phone: (435) 257-5262
Fax: (435) 257-3215
Cell Phone: (435) 279-4004
Email: bwood@helo-wood.com